Tuesday, September 21, 2010

why i love amazon

.com or .ca . My order was shipped yesterday and was received today :D and it was the free shipping option, so why pay more for express?? I got my illuminations-arthur rimbaud, awaken the buddha within-Lama Surya, mess-keri smith and drawing lab (can't recall the author). I love all my books. The first time I opened Illuminations, I found my favourite poem "sensations" at the back of opened page.. Coincidence? I love Rimbaud and I thought I brought his book with me but could not find it. Thanks to Amazon, I did not have to worry for too long..yay! The same is for Amazon.com where it takes only 2 days to reach me. I guess books I want fast I'll just buy them off amazon than ebay even if the price is higher.

Now I am waiting for my GAP order- some winter clothes as sizes were sold out in the stores. Free shipping of course-the only reason why I buy online than at the store..plus sales!

I'm so tired today. I need to ask my mom to send my tibetan singing bowl with my brother. There're so many things I left at home and wished it was just a few mins/hours away so that I can fetch them :/ Now I need to wait until my brother goes home or I go, in a few years..

tired tired tired

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