Thursday, February 3, 2011

Screw the rabbit

So Happy Chinese New Year although I miss the family gathering and going to the hotel to relax. *sigh Feb 3rd marks the beginning of the New Year: the metal rabbit and as usual it's a bad year for the rooster and of course I am a rooster. The tiger year was stressful for me: promoted at work, moving to another country, starting a new job, lots of bickering w/ JGZ. The tiger year is known to be an unpredictable year for all the signs and I thought I'll get some rest with the rabbit year, hell no. It's negative in all aspects from work to love :P well what can I do? live and let live. As long as they keep me at work and give me my monthly salary it should be fine.

Those days are stressful and if the chinese predictions are right (laugh at me but the one I had for the tiger year was pretty accurate) it's just the beginning of the end. Bah what can I do? Go on living. I already had a ta reporting me this Monday because apparently I told a customer that the ta was not doing her job..which left me speechless because I never make these kinds of comments. Apparently that customer distorted my words/interpreted them her way and now I am waiting for my manager to call me as they request an apology letter. I hope the call was recorded just to clear any misunderstanding. the joy of doing customer service. had even a caller telling me he wants to speak to someone with better english. jeez these kind of remarks make me fume as i would love to see them struggle in french. i'm training myself to let any kind of nasty remarks from customers slide on me like butter and keep a poker face. Life is too short to be spoiled by someone you don't even know!

I want to go to the pagoda, smell the burning incenses and wish random people happy new year. Want to listen to the firing of firecrackers and dancing of the chinese lions.

I MISS my pouchies :/

miss my doudou (bad picture taken by my brother in mauritius)

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