Monday, February 14, 2011

so far so good

I am invincible. preparing myself mentally for my thursday 12 hours shift. i can do it! As long as I don;t stress out, 10 hrs shifts are like breezes.

My cosmetic ban has been good so far. I did cheat when I purchased the Perter Roth Glycolic gel but else nothing. I am no longer doing the oil cleansing method because it started giving me blackheads in places I never had like corners of my eyes!I could play around w/ the oils portion but I'll leave my skin as it is for now. i discovered that I have zillion of soaps from Lush in a box so no more soaps-shampoo-conditioner-shower gel (got 2 bottles for free from sephora as part of their skin challenge and birthday gifts) until I am done using all of them.

i am also downsizing my wallet to a coin wallet w/ my main cards and change, it makes life much easier. I also received my Eddie Bauer trench coat which was 50% off and the size L is too large :/ It was on clearance and no more medium are available. I will see w/ my aunt if she can do something inside to tighten it. I love this coat, the seams are well made and it's waterproof. Makes me think of my favourite Gap trench coat which has become too small-ok i have become too fat.

Also happy V day to those who celebrate it: the best anti V day joke I heard was in french " Je ne m'appelle pas Valentin" referring to the french calendar where each day is the birthday of a Saint: one girl was arguing she does not celebrate V day because her name is not Valentin for "St Valentin" in french. V day is so ..common to the point where shop windows are badly over decorated in red, as if someone had a hang over and burst into red vomit in the shop.

Brother might be getting married in Oct in China. my short term goal is plane tkts for china (is 2500 enough for flights and travelling). Other goals are my back tattoo, savings and opening a TFSA by the end of the year. Also need to save for another trip next year to Europe.. I'll see if I can live on 200 bi weekly, it's not impossible. I can do it!!

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