Friday, February 11, 2011

empower yourself

I can't wait to sign up for the 21 secrets workshops as a few of my favorite artist bloggers will be teaching! I'm usually bad at online classes: I will start then neglect everything as laziness takes over but it's still refreshing to review the courses. My creative side needs fresh food.

I'm also inspired by Becoming Brave by Erin Kenepp an will start a 52 pages chunky books with a word of the alphabet that means something to me eg A-Accept?, B-Brave/Bold, C-?, D-?, E-embrace etc.. Hopefully it'll help me be less obsessive and relax w/ my perfectionism. T for time is already done.

I was also playing w/ some Chinese numerology and it's so funny how accurate they are. Call me superstitious or what not but I found some new age practices to be pretty accurate like Tarots-natal astrology-Chinese astrology..(I had a new age phase where I was learning to draw natal charts, then read tarots-palmistry etc.. but most of my hobbies are "closet hobbies" and only people who know me well..very well know about these).

A few comments made by people made me realize I need to restructure my way of thinking and the way I talk eg to say "I am invincible" instead of "I will be" (thanks Miss R <3), "I am getting older" instead of "I am old". The way you express yourself unconsciously conveys the way you think so why not see the brighter side of life from times to times than brood on being negative. I guess that's why JGZ says I am always whining although in my head, I am just expressing myself..the wrong way?

More overtime today but I see it as "practise makes perfect" hence up to some extent I am ok w/ that.

Yesterday we had a fire alarm at 2:15am ..I mean this morning and who was grumpy and swearing? ME. I got back at 11:30pm from work, in bed at midnight past 15 only to wake up at 2 am. We were stuck with the alarm until 3 something and I could smell smoke in the corridor..Soon I'll look like a panda w/ huge under eyes circle.

I'll take the week-end to go to downtown if it's not too cold. I need a break from Mississauga.Maybe drop by the Japanese Paper Place

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  1. Thanks for the mention ;-)

    I hope you enjoy 21 Secrets!