Tuesday, February 22, 2011

it's confirmed

my skin hates me and it is reciprocated. I'm breaking out everyday. I never had that many pimples at once in 5 years T_T Even went to purchase MURAD sulphur mask to help dry up the pimples faster. If this goes on, I'm off to a doctor..boohoo...I have no changed anything. Added glycolic acid to my skin regime and been using it for 2 weeks now and it's only the past 2 days that I am getting new break outs coupled with *that* time of the month and my cold. I guess it's a weakening of my immune system??

Soon I'll go to work w/ a paper bag on my head. Also had 3 death calls within the past month. It's funny because I was telling someone how I never had any death calls and she was telling me how since she started working she had only one, now I'm getting more than I asked for. bah *shrug*

I'm also working on my chunky book and it's 3 out of 52: Time is never enough, Face your fear and Assert yourself. 49 more to go!

I'm addicted to Glee. Not a gleek yet and I love Rachel's version of Fireworks by Katie Perry (surprising for someone who is not into mainstream). Glee never fails to make me smile and perk me up. Love the last episode where the wrestler girl was singing and I love the girl who plays Quinn..must be the lips, high cheek bones. She make me think of Scarlett Johansson in some ways. Beautiful face and gaze.

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