Thursday, July 7, 2011

summer is flying

this is what i do during lunch when i work week-ends: feed

and all i've seen so far is the background of the office. I guess you can never be happy satisfied when working shifts (with the assigned schedules) and now Monday and Friday are my off days until December. No time to enjoy patios, summer fests, food fests, BBQs and all of a sudden you are thrown into the red, orange colours of fall and dullness of winter. 2 more months before fall!! ZOMG

I find life in ssauga sucks shit and I live in a suburb and building full of m... I feel cruddy. Complaining is not going to lead anywhere. Well there's always next summer??

I feel a bit bummed that I missed Pride an the absence of TO mayor created quite some noise.

note to self: Mary Poppins musicals coming in Nov

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