Sunday, July 17, 2011

brain farts

seriously..I just returned home by taxi after my midnight shift only to realize that there was a bus at 12:05 today..which could have saved me $21 in taxi fees. It slipped out of my mind although I checked the schedules earlier during the day. It is tomorrow that I am supposed to take the taxi as the last bus is 8 pm on holiday/sunday T_T brain fart indeed

Just like 2 days ago my colleage was asking me :jambe- leg, pied- foot?? and I was like ??????? and told him 3 times that I did not understand him. He was simply asking if jambe in french is leg in english and pied is foot in english. For some reason, i had a brain fart where it was like ????? in my head and I was like: what???wtf is he asking about leg-jambe etc.. *shake head* It's nothing new that I overthink and overanalyze to the point where I end up looking and being dumb.

argh..*pull hair*

lemming a tamron 28-75 mm lens for my trip..500 bucks.. :/

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