Monday, July 11, 2011


Feeling restless lately and the new system at work is giving me headaches. it's not complicated but the perfectionist in me needs to have everything right so each time I forget something etc. I am like argh..I also get confused because I have the tendency to read off the screen (versus before where you did not have to do the notes while on the phone). Well I'm still trying to find ways improve myself and it does bug me how simple calls that were under 10 mins are over 10 mins because of the new system.

They changed my seat again but at least I won't be next to an empty desk. What sucks is that I won't be able to gossip with C :(

Finished walking 20 mins from Sq One to my apart. I did not feel like taking the bus and it was so nice to feel the wind in my face. The only mistake I made was to stuff myself with a green tea frappuccino. Days are too hot for a relaxing walk. I'm home sick. I often found myself gazing at the city lights and traffic, missing home. Over a year in Toronto and something is amissed.

My appointment with the dentist was ..interesting..and now I understand why kids have a fear of dentists..Seriously I was like WTF. The cleaning part was ok but painful. the filling part was.. torture...ok close to.. Because it's my inner teeth that needed fillings, I had something inserted in my mouth to keep it open (ZOMG so often I thought I was choking), and they inserted all kinds of weird instruments in my mouth and even numbed half of it. I was like: since when do you numb the mouth for fillings???? OK dentists here are supposed to be more sophisticated than the ones in Mauritius..still add that to the fact I had to keep my jaw opened for 1 hr for cleaning, it was not a very pleasant experience. Then off to work.

I have another appointment again for 2 hours but I am going to break it in 2 because I don't want to have to keep my freaking jaw opened for 2 hrs. I might have to get my wisdom teeth removed and I will do it on a Friday and take the week-end one *devil grin*

Last week-end was my first and last week-end off until December and it was the most interesting. It feels different to be off on a week day and on a week-end. There is less traffic and less noise in the street esp. on Sunday. Nice for a "grasse matinée" . Had my combat class with an instruction who looked like the boy's bf and at one pt I was wondering if it was a he or she. I still miss Kelly, the best combat instructor I had so far. The other don't take time to explain the movements properly and are too busy singing the song. *shrug*

Did some journalling as well and here goes another week

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