Wednesday, June 2, 2010

achy fingers and scissors

I'm done! Five days ago I received my unmounted rubber stamps foam and spent days sticking and cutting. Today I finally saw the end of my misery and have 4 files (with 4 pages each) of stamps, and 6 loose ones for which I need to buy more files (the dollar store is my best friend there) which totals to 22 sheets excluding my acrylic stamps and the ones left in Montreal. I still have two sheets of foam left and will order more once I get a job.

I'm selling some stamps on ebay but it seems not to be working. I'll try to decrease the shipping cost although I can't decrease the price to the point where it equals the postage. We'll see how it goes else I'll try etsy and craiglist. I'm also getting rid of some books but postage is rather expensive in Canada even to the USA once it becomes a package. Maybe I should try sending via bubble envelopes instead.At most I'll sell them on craiglist for $5 and they have to be picked up. Heh.

I wished I could sleep with a quiet mind like my brother.

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