Tuesday, June 22, 2010


So today I went to goodlife fitness to try their bodycombat class and liked it. It's fun although I am still looking for something that's more tae bo oriented but it felt good to be able to punch, stomp and kick. At least with the coach, I can get advice on my movements as some I've not been doing them the correct way. My instructor is a tiny asian mix girl and she's really strong for her petite size. I was honestly impressed once she removed her jacket and her movements are so fluid and her elbow kicks are like "snap snap" . My former pilates teacher at uni was like that as well. I love the fluidity in their movements and how they're fit without being bulky. I did sign up for a membership and will take the body flow and zumba class in the incoming days. This club is women only-they do have co-ed and I find it more fun to be mixed with old and young women. In addition, most are relaxed and it's not like a competition for the most trendy gym wears with lulumoon etc.. I need to exercise to remove tension and my current frustration with Canada and my job quest. *roar* The funny part was to see all my er..curves jiggle with me..LOL

I also discovered the Joe line at Loblaws and was impressed. The quality seems superior than Zellers/walmart and so affordable although the variety is not that great. I bought a yoga pant for $10 and we'll see how good the fabric is. I mean where will I get yoga pants that cheap?? They have tops under 10 bucks as well and in cotton! Too many companies put lycra in theirs and it's just horrible. they're not that cheap either and on sales are still more than 10 bucks. My body feels achy fro the exercise and my legs tired from walking a total of 4 km to and from the gym. I want to take the bus but will keep that for winter as it's good to walk, it's like warming my legs before I exercise even if today's weather was"il pleut des cordes!".

G20 this week in downtown. Already it seems that activists are running wild in Toronto.-I think I'll keep my G1 appointment for next week as well as whatever I have to do downtown.

*back to job/resume writing <= so fed up of applying and modifying my resume over and over again! only to get rejections

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