Sunday, June 6, 2010


The week-end was spent working on resumes and cover letters. Dedicated? Not really. I saw a few ads late and did not want to delay my application more. I feel reassured when I see companies I am interested in, advertise positions I am also interested in. It means that positions are being made available although whether I get it or not is another story! I plunged and bought a few resume and cover letters books. I do have my online resources but the mass of information is too overwhelming and time consuming (for the amount of junk you get) although www. has been the most useful so far. I managed to do pilates on Saturday and Sunday, and need to prepare myself for the incoming job fair on Wednesday. Reminder: I still need to figure out how to go to the job fair by public transit!

The incoming week will be challenging as I've a resume workshop, job fair and resume critique to attend. In addition, I am still looking at adverts and applying. Hopefully I'll be able to get something within the next two months. Crossing fingers. I need to network but I've no clue where to start *sigh* Being an new immigrant is proving itself to be quite tedious despite having lived in Toronto for 5 years and holding a degree there (although you can ask what's the value of a degree nowadays..). I should relax and invest myself in other activities (free if possible) although the long term financial aspect of my account is starting to worry me. I should hang out at and get tips on how to budget, control my purchase impulses and flood my blog with wish list posts instead of showing my credit/debit card! Maybe being jobless is also a time to work on my drawing skills although each minute spent away from my pc and not working on my resume etc..makes me anxious. days look like months when you're jobless. How sad is that when your worth seems to be determined only by your job.

I really want to watch splice :

It looks cool and deals with an interesting issue of science research. Hopefully it'll be available online soon. :P

In order to obtain the free shipping option at Chapters, I also bought this book creative wildfire by L K Ludwig. I hope to get it soon and be able to review it. The pages I saw off were quite interesting and I do hope it's not just another all around art journalling book!

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  1. Oh! I've been wanting to see that movie - I mean, Sarah Polley?! What's not to love!!

    I know what you mean - I feel so strange not working. I wonder if anyone in this city will ever hire me.
    ps. like the banner!