Friday, June 18, 2010

papa yoyo and mama lulu

After months of trying, my male dog yoyo finally hit bull's eyes and the result is 4 puppies that came into this world yesterday ! I find that funny because Yoyo was and still is too short to mate with other female dogs but he succeeded with Lulu, my other dwarf griffon. I think my parents will have the females sterilized after since it's hard to sell puppies and we're not a breeding farm. I feel a bit sad that I missed this event and won't be able to see the puppies (except from pictures) and interact with them. It feels funny to be away from home because there are so many events I won't be taking part in: aging with my dogs, family events such as my cousin wedding etc.. It makes me think of "The Lovely Bones" where life will go on whether you are here or not. I wish I could afford to buy a pom dog.

OMG I just applied for a job at the Canadian Federal level. It was tedious and so many things to understand an read. I applied at the last minute (I thank my friend D for showing me the advert and I got her msg today since I was not logged on msn) so I am to blame if I missed something. Apparently results will be communicated in 6 frigging months.That hurts but better applied than not to even if I know my chances are quite slim since preference is given to citizens. I can always hope and I am applying to 3 more positions within the Govt at provincial and Fed level. There are so few openings online lately for csr and i am crossing toes and fingers. on the good side, i feel less stressed as i know i won't be getting interview related calls for now. well it's also a bad thing but ..i don't know i'm so fed up.At least in workshops, I met people who said they waited as long as 5 months to get jobs so I keep faith.

Next week is G20 in Toronto and it'll be crazy. I'm planning to go downtown and hit those recruiting agencies with my resume.

tired, will finish this entry later

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