Saturday, June 5, 2010

stomach hurts

Thanks to overeating, and sleeping, now I feel like puking. yeah I'm a poet. New layout although I am not fully satisfied with it. The picture was taken with my canon Rebel T1i, it's not sharp enough in macro mode which means I need a macro lens since the one I have is an "all around" lens which you get in the kit. I tried to go outside my comfort zone for my journal by wrecking the page instead of keeping it clean. So far I am pleased with the result. I used this page for my banner. Need to take another picture with my canon 570 IS and see if it'll be sharper.

I've been feeling grumpy and down lately. I went for a stroll in the neighbourhood and I must say that some houses are really well kept especially the garden. One house had an amazing door and I will take a picture next time I go there, preferably during the week so that the owners don't see me :P I also spotted a chickadee for the first time since I came here. I see american robins, sparrows, crows and this other bird (can't recall the name, it's black with shimmery feathers of green/blue) all the time so spotting a chickadee was completely new to me. This is what I love with Canada, the nature side. In Toronto, you have something called the urban jungle where you get hawks, and other animals living in the urban areas. One time I saw a badger in the chinatown neighbourhood. It was eating my friend's cat food. I also saw a ..shit my vocabulary is failing me today... this animal with a tail that builds bridges made of branches along rivers last time next to the GO station in streetsville. beaver??? it was swimming along the stream next to the station.

I'm seriously considering getting a dog. well once I start working..I need company :/

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