Thursday, July 29, 2010

at last

above pic: of course that's not me!

After procrastinating for so long, I finally obtained my G1 after passing the theory test. My card is coming by post in the incoming 2-3 weeks. Had a cute guy who corrected my test ;P It was about time and I nearly died waiting 4-5 hours just to have my application processed. On the other hand, look what I discovered:

photo credit: food for thought

One more reason why I should live in Asia :P

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  1. Japan really has some yummy (and some quite strange) KitKats - I´ve tried several, the green tea one is one of the better. If you can´t find them in a Japanese store, you can buy them online if you google.

    Goddess & poet and Marie Antoinette sounds good! How about Alice in Wonderland or the Wizard of Oz? Can´t wait to see them!