Saturday, July 24, 2010

missing things

Sometimes I can't help thinking of the things I am missing back home like family gatherings (I'm not a fan of all my relatives but it's still good to get together for dinner and chit chat), the birth of my puppies (first time mom Lulu), my dogs (do they even know that I am no longer there?), the market smell, the sugar cane blooming seasons, trips to Asia and the sea. Next time I'll go home, I'm sure the country will have changed beyond recognition as they were already changing the landscapes with malls and such. Last week, I was reading a description of the sugar cane blooms and an author described it as feathery. For me it has always looked like a silver lining, soft, and beautiful under the morning sun. Unfortunately I never took any pictures as it was on my way to work that I saw this beautiful scene. Imagine the same picture below but with a silvery feathery tapestry that extends to the horizon.

I guess missing home is something normal just as missing Toronto when I came back to Mauritius 4 years ago. I do feel like I've been living in Canada for years if there has been no gap from 2005 to now and I am learning to like Mississauga. On Thursday, I was craving samoussas, and walked for some 45 mins or so to Britannia street as my aunt told me there was an Indian store there. Ok first I missed the store and went to a different one: the Curry Hill (samoussas and bhajees are not so great but their bryani is YUMMY: nuts mixed with spices, chicken and raisin-give me another portion anytime! yes sir!), then I decided to be "smart" and instead of walking down Queen St again, I wanted to find the street Vista which goes straight to the corner of the street where I live. Instead I ended getting lost.

It was a strange adventure as I thought the streets were parallel but some were not, so swearing at the heat, I went on walking, ended in a street called Brah..something, passed by a park and ended in a very Canadian area (white). This area is definitely older than where I live and so much nicer with trees on both sides of the streets (The street I live has trees but young ones and not tall enough to give shade), lots of green/gardens and feel more comfy/homely than the new neighbourhood although the houses are smaller. It felt like this movie big fish when the main actor stumbled in this village where the shoes are hanging on the electricity lines. I don't know this area felt different, then I ended in a "cul en sac". I went back on my steps, and took another street which led to a newer area. From far away I could spot a police car and was like:hurray now I can ask for directions and the traffic indicated clearly that there was a main road ahead. Arrived to the police car level to discover than I was right in front of the street leading to my aunt's house. Hahahaha the whole thing felt so weird and I definitely want to go back to this street to explore more. Well sure there are only houses there but I love looking at people's gardens and if I could I would have loved to own a house there. Newer residential areas feels too sterile and the vegetation will look good only in 20 years or so as the trees grow very slowly.

Hmm I succumbed and bought the moomin mugs. Also discovered this shop in Toronto: The Finish place and they sell moomin mugs but it's more expensive than from ebay (shipping included). Heh what can't you get in Toronto..

My folks are in Asia and I so want to go! I guess next time they'll go, I will as well but this time with a plane ticket paid by me!

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