Thursday, July 22, 2010

random things

my random journal pages (inspired from Dina W classes and Journal Spilling book)

I am employed which is a relief after 4 months of doing nothing. I will use my first salary to spoil myself and then I'll have to get serious by saving and other priorities. It feels good to know that money will be coming in at the end of August and that since I'll be in banking I'll get discounts on many products..Hehehe oh joy! I've one week left to enjoy before training starts and my plan is to use it to complete my swaps. So far I've only one swap for Malin to complete. I also want to participate in the zines swap but I've no clue what to write although I do have an idea what my zine will be about. heh. I've been feeling lethargic lately with the heat and skipping gym classes because it tires me too much to walk under the sun..ok maybe it's just an excuse for my laziness.

Been working on several journal pages although I like to see them as work in progress than complete. Most of my pages are 4x6 inches and I've been wondering if I should not move to something bigger as too often my pages feel crowded and I still want to add stuffs! Today I spotted a woodpecker. This is a nice change from the usual American robins and sparrows. I do wish we had a bird feeder as I am sure there are more birds out there but they're not that active during the day due to the heat. Speaking of birds, I received my fly away chunky book back and here are some lovely sample pages (sorry the first is inverted-will correct it once I've installed Adobe CS5) :

I bought a new Hard Drive today, 1TB since I realized that 640 GB is not enough for me (oh yeah..I've an external 320 GB drive and my Macbook is 320 GB as well I think). I'll store all my downloaded movies and anime there. It'll be easier to organize and less of a hassle as I won't have to burn DVDs for a while. I am not much of a movie person and dislike DVDs because I need to find space to store them. I've realized that I need to cut down on my clutter as "each new possession loads us with new weariness". Sometimes it feels like hell to remember where I've put x or y item although I am usually an organized person. I'm de-stashing some of my craft supplies on ebay too, especially items I've bought for a project, never started the project and now keeping the supplies "just in case".

I'm craving for some moomins mugs..Should I, should I not? I left all my moomin DVDs back home but brought the books with me. At 22 USD each excluding shipping, these mugs are pricey..The limited editions ones are over 50 USD. Phew..The three below are in my wish list, including one with moomin mama and another with moomin/his gf . Here I am hoarding more items when my wish is to de-clutter but who can resist..aren't just they too cute???? Maybe I should buy one each month from ebay since they don't do combined shipping so I'm not losing anything.


  1. Congratulations on getting the job! Is it following the interview we discussed?

    Those Moomin mugs are sure cute. <3

  2. hmm can you reply to comments in blogger..need the FAq!

  3. Comments are bit tricky to manage on Blogger. You can't have forum-like threads with "parent" comments here, unfortunately. :-(