Tuesday, July 6, 2010

secret garden

I have been dreaming in hues of green, red and yellow lately with the smell of freshly turned soil and rain. Each time I go to Streetsville, I walk by by this house with this really lovely garden. Imagine sunflowers, lilies, daisies etc bordering the pedestrian pavement. Then a winding path that goes to the house, partly hidden by trees, more flowers and in between you spot a wooden fawn and a bird feeder. The house is partly covered with ivys and has white windows. There're no fences except the wooden one that face the street made of 4 pieces of wood nailed together and that's it. Often I want to go by this winding path and ask the owner how she/he made this garden. It's definitely a product of love and much effort and sets it apart from other houses. This garden is so inviting and all is missing is a mat to do yoga or read. There's the perfect balance of shade and sunlight. Until I find a place to call my own, I'll dream through pictures on flickr.

It's weird how my soul has been crying for a place to call home since I was at university. I've been working in my visual journal as well. I think I'll start a book of healing in order to fight back my inner demons and fears who whisper in my ears every night.


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