Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Dreaming of Provence and the soft warm sun against my skin in the afternoon and the soft breeze blowing in the olive trees. Can't say this is the case in Toronto as it's cloudy and rain is expected. I wonder if lavender can be planted in Canada. I saw something that looks like lavender in my neighbour's garden but they're so sparse. I guess I watched too many Marcel Pagnol movies for my own good. What I miss from the french side: good cheese, bread, wine, culture (spare me all this mainstream influence we get from across the border), french tv and above all books/movies. I rewatched Odette tout le monde last time and it made me smile although I skipped the boring parts. I still need to watch "ensemble c'est tout" and download more french movies.

It's funny how once you're far from something you used to take for granted, you miss it more. I'm also CRAVING cassoulet..I can't wait for the day I'll be living in the french part of Canada. Sometimes I wonder if I made the right move by coming to Toronto instead of staying in Montreal. Montreal might be old, smaller, and poorer but it has its charm of its own and most streets are like Queen street West with its own typical flavour. Bah I'm in Toronto for now and will try to do the best I can. I only want to be able to save and travel to France, Uk and other places and connect with the people than be a mere tourist.

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