Monday, October 25, 2010

eye infection

I am skipping work tomorrow. I have an eye infection that started at 3pm today and silly me did not want to leave work early because they count it as a sick even if you've only two hours left to wrap the day. I removed my eye contact and thought the pain would go away but no such luck: left eye is red, feel painful as if I've cried. I guess I'll have to go to a walk-in clinic in the morning as I'll need a medical note. I tried putting some eye droplets but ended making my left eye burn!!

Jeez I hope it won't stop me from enjoying my two days off. I need a break and I have stuffs to do. It's not time to fall sick or what not :/

Today I was having a convo with some collegue from another section and he told me how here life during the week is :work, eat and sleep. He is so right. I was telling him how I am clueless about my time because I still travel 1 hour as I did back in Mauritius and yet here I've no time to breathe nor relax. What's wrong???? Back home I was making art almost every afternoon unless tired and in the week-ends. Here I've no week-ends due to shifts but does not feel inspired. All I do is stare blankly at my Mac screen and even books have lost their appeal..That's so wrong. I need to go back on track!!

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