Friday, October 29, 2010

i need a cork board

I've been obsessed with a cork board for 3 days now. I miss the one I had at home and too bad I left many of my inspiration items in Mauritius due to lack of weight in my luggage. I wanted to go to walmart to buy one today but it'll have to wait tomorrow or Monday as I work this week-end. My eye is much better but no contact until it is completely healed which is annoying especially at work. So Monday i am going to my optician to order new glasses..more expenses. That's life.

I've been in a Disney mood and is currently downloading Up, Monster Inc amongst others. The night before I was listening to the Titanic soundtrack and it hit me how the movie is 10 years old. Where has time gone? I was still in high school and was an MIRC fiend. People no longer know about MIRC nowadays since most are on facebook/msn. It has gone underground. There're still channels but mainly for file sharing it seems to me but I could be wrong as I've not been on these for a looong time. Did not do much today, saw the optometrist, cooked (real food at last although it was nothing like mom's cooking) and did laundry. I still have to put drops in my eyes until the dropper is empty.

I've been neglecting myself lately, binging on food and eating until I feel full and sick. There's no enjoyment in eating. Hopefully I'll get back some of my joie de vivre if I go to Montreal? Mississauga is such a boring place and Toronto is ok. I want to get out of there. If I go to Montreal I'll use this moment to get some nice pictures of old buildings etc although I am not raising my expectation too much because I tend to end up disappointed.

I need a break, a break from my mental turmoil and be in a place where people are more alive than just eat, watch tv, go out and that's it. It's like being with zombies.

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  1. Toronto is way more fun than Montreal for me.

    Montreal is good to visit for a couple of days, but I'd much rather live in Toronto proper.

    If you go to Montreal, I'd go to La Maison du Macaron. SO DELICIOUS. I don't care if they aren't perfect, but they were better than Laduree in Paris for me.