Sunday, October 31, 2010

happy halloween!

My relatives don't do trick or treat so they've turn off all lights until all the kids are done ringing at doors :P As for me I went to spy on the kids from my window. I believe Halloween is one of the few events where the streets (residential ones) become alive as most of the times, kids here (speaking for where I live) seem to be confined inside. It's cute to see dads running around with their kids and the small ones are so cute. At least the weather is fine tonight. Just too bad I can't be part of the fun. I definitely need to try that when I have my own house.

Today was a long day at work but this week I'm on vacation so YAY! Tomorrow I have to go downtown to get glasses and if I'm in the mood, I'll buy some Halloween supplies/candies. I swear the best days are after a celebration when everything goes on sale because the event is over.

I'm also addicted to LUSH snow Angel's delight and wondering if it's worth stashing it. They do bring the soap every xmas. I'm just worried that I'll get bored of the scent fast and then end up with a stash of soap I don't want. I can't even finish 30 ml perfume bottle or huge bottles of shampoo because the scent bugs me after a while.

Angel's delight

I'm also in love with their Once a year massage bar. The glitter does not thrill me but the massage bar has a nice yummy vanilla spicy smell, which is perfect for sleep time in those cold winter days.
Once a year

I just finished watching Up! It's cute and I just loved the first part where they get old together :) Feeling tired. It's been a long at work but it was not as bad as during the week days so maybe I should keep my week-end shifts and switch the late night ones where I am done at 10 pm with my co-worker!

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