Tuesday, October 5, 2010


art by PBsArtStudio

I've decided to start collecting art prints or originals from etsy. My first purchase is the picture above. I'm a sucker for anything with robin egg colour in it and the facial features are so nice. There's another painting from her I want to but but it'll depend on my budget. I'm getting paid this Thursday and hope to be able to afford a new illustration from etsy each 2 weeks. I need to surround myself with art, and I can always keep them for display once I move out. I already have something in mind, like hanging them on a cloth line with cloth pin. It looks so cute.

This week is heavy. I work from 10-18 everyday except for friday where i asked 12-20 since I have to see my audiologist in the morning. i am getting my hearing aids, which mean more expenses. :/ I'm getting used to my job, there are good and bad days but I can improve and will do what I can for such. I need to persist, to push away the bad thoughts, to accept I am not perfect but there's room for improvement. Everyday is a learning experience and right now I need experience than wallow in self pity because it's something I don't like etc.. At least getting used to it makes things easier and I can gain some other skills I would not have in easier jobs so I am crossing fingers!

This week-end is a long week-end with Thanks giving and I don't have to work..Yay I worked last week-end and it was ok but well I'll get used to it. Thanks god the human body has adaptation capabilities and that listening to dale Carnagie/Robin Sharma/Tuesdays with Morrie/Buddhism helps me improve.

I'm now hooked to audio books, me who thought they were just not for me..

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  1. One can improve all the time, but one can never be perfect - it makes life much easier once we accept that.

    Audiobooks are surprising like that. Hell, with them you can even read a book while doing the dishes! ;-)