Sunday, October 24, 2010


It has been a foggy day and I hate working week-ends. Why? because it's dead and I need to find ways to keep myself busy. Today I took two books to work but stopped reading since the phone would ring just when I was the most concentrated. I spent the day reading google news-I must have refreshed the page like 10 times. I had a few crappy calls with someone telling me that I am not listening to him and if I speak english. I found that the most common nasty remarks you'll get from callers if you've an accent is "do you understand english." The first time I did get his name wrong but the second time, I spelled it for him and he told me ok but I still could not find him on the system. In addition that moron did not have any reference number. Working with the public makes me want to hate humanity.

Shifts work is tiring as well and I've not had anything done in ages. I need a time planner. It's weird. Everyday I feel rushed, out of breath and I don't know where time goes. Back home I did travel as much but I never felt the pressure I am going through here :/ It's like having no time to relax even when I am not working. I guess it signals the need to step back and smell the flowers instead of worrying for nothing?? I guess I spend too much time on the pc as well. Back home I would use my free time to do art, to play with my dogs or watch my fishes instead of wasting time online.

I've been reading some personal finance blog and I've decided to jump in the bandwagon, to seriously keep track of my spendings. More than often I am unable to know why despite earning around 2k monthly, I am still broke or unable to save. This must stop especially if I want to go to PARIS next year or have emergency funds (which is currently nil). Not spending will be hard because it's therapy but I guess the point is not to stop altogether but decrease the amount I spend on what I want versus what I need.

I'm also de-cluttering and what drive me nuts are items I bought because I thought I would use them but in the end did. So off went my earphones paid 100 cnd-they don;t fit my ears- but sold for 66 cnd, books and soon my Mac keyboard..I've been using the laptop more so I find no use in keeping the keyboard :/ I am too much of an impulse buyer.

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