Monday, October 11, 2010


So i am broke for the rest of the 2 weeks. I finally got my hearing aid: Alera resound . This baby costed quite a bit and now I am in the adaptation period. It feels weird because sometimes I feel like I am listening to the radio and some sounds just "magically" appear here and there. The plus is that I can finally understand conversation people are having in the bus/subway (before i could hear them but not understand), don't need to put the volume too high when watching stuffs on my computer and I am more aware of noises I never really paid any attention to. It's like moving from a muffled world to a clearer one. My only worry is work. I tried working on the head set with the hearing aids on but it's not too compatible. I guess I'll have to tell my employer about my disability :/ It makes me anxious to think about that..

The minus is that the world is TOO loud. I had the aids on when I went to take the bus and downtown and I was like OMG. I had a migraine. How can people live with SO much noise around them especially in shops..The music is literally blaring from the sound speakers. My audiologist did warn me she adjusted the sound level a bit high and she could lower it but I chose to keep it that way. She also warned me that some sounds would appear really loud and weird until my brain adjusts itself. Despite the migraine, my first days wearing the hearing aids were like rediscovering the world..I swear..You never know what you've been missing until you re-get it.I am sad though because I will be missing the Creepy Classics at the TSO. I have to work on that day and could not switch my shift with anyone. If I am sick, I need a med note and where to get one on a Sunday *roll eyes* I'm selling my ticket on craiglist hoping that someone'll buy it. The crappy part with working shifts is that you can't book events in advance. I was lucky that the dalai lama speech fell on a day I was off. What annoys me is that the week after creepy classics, my vacation starts! If I had know I would have put the 31st as off as well. That'll teach me :[

Fall is there

I've been wondering about selling on etsy lately. It's still an idea and could be handy in generating extra cash. I'm not really thinking of making a business out of it, just something to earn some money on the side.

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  1. I think you should totally try Etsy out. Why not? :) I know what you mean about noise. I can't stand where I live in an industrial area!!