Tuesday, March 2, 2010

day 3

since i resigned from my job. have i done anything meaningful (to understand something apart: eat, sleep and the internet) ? nope..i still have to clean up my stuffs, packed my books and so on but all i do is nap in the afternoon, eat and nap again. it seems that the lazy bug has stung me or something. well at least tomorrow i am going to the city to have my birth certificate updated and will call HR for my reference letter. i feel so uninspired for anything and even less to pack up. art wise i am torn between using most of my supplies now until i leave (so that i've less to bring along) and buying more online to be shipped to Canada. I am coveting the Zutter bind it all that's on sale for 69 CND and shipped for cheap. I signed up for an online journalling class which to my utter dismay will start on the 22nd March-I thought I would have access to the archived class so that I'll start messing around now- and in the mean while I am bored.

well i could always work on my suzy blu classes which i started working on but never finished because i am amongst those who're unable to follow a plan. i'll follow the base and then start to get distracted once i master the basics which is baaadddd because practice makes perfect and i'll never get anywhere if i lose interest once i can master the basics of something. this is why i dabble on many stuffs and is a jack of all trade but master of none. i do have plans to take my calligraphy to a higher level though because i love text. jeez i'm bored..i still need to work on a few chunkies but need inspiration. surfing mail art sites is not helping for now since i feel inadequate when i see the creations instead of feeling inspired. i'm even struggling when it comes to journalling. i guess i should concentrate on going with the flow than feel compelled to create something.

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