Friday, March 19, 2010

“Never regret yesterday. Life is in you today, and you make your tomorrow.” L. Ron Hubbard

today i had lunch with my former co-workers and it was so nice to see some of them again :) We were looking for roast pork but ended having something different which was not so bad. I'm feeling better as well and watching too many movies. So far I saw Coco avant Chanel (I was not really gripped by the movie. After a while the "chanel pout" à la Tatou was becoming a bit tiring and i don't know; it lacked something or maybe I was too distracted by Alessandro Nivola??
He's so yummy in this movie, at least those sultry gazes he gives chanel *sigh* I found him less interesting later when i went to check his pictures LOL. I still love Audrey Tatou though), Seraphine (long! but very well played by Yolande Moreau although I found some parts a bit loose), The Maid (lovely asian movie made in Singapore about ghosts and gives an overview of the Chinese beliefs during the Hungry Ghost month), Ju-ON the grudge 2 (japanese version), tale of two sisters (korean).

I love asian horror movies more than American ones since they're full of creepy creatures-I do get a bit fed up of the long hair, no/white face woman who "croaks"though- and traditional beliefs and superstitions are merged. Watching french movies as well made me realize how much I miss them as local movie theaters play mainly american blockbusters or Bollywood ones. I'm in love with the lush countrysides of the Provence and it's definitely *the* part of France where I'll love to settle down one day with my little cottage (I guess I've been reading books by Marcel Pagnol too often) and garden. If not France then I'm off for the British/Irish/Wales countrysides and go fairies hunting! Sometimes I feel like I was borned the wrong era but well.. I hope I'll have more opportunities to watch french movies in Montreal and I appreciate the fact that they've a film festival for french and international movies. American mass productions are excluded so that should be interesting to discover new independent productions.

Jeez I need to download more movies. On an unrelated, one of the reason why I love the Mac/Safari interface:

I was spared the hassle/frustration of going through all my history pages to look for a site I vaguely remembered and wanted to go back to. All I remembered was the contents and pictures. Thanks God the Mac interface is very intuitive to use and makes life so much easier even when you have to force quit applications! My only complain with Mac is the price else I doubt I'll be back to windows!! I had to use my mom's netbook and windows XP was rather painful..LOL I need to try windows 7 as i heard rather good things about it. Maybe I should install it together with Leopard OS on my future iMac.

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