Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I've no idea whether it's the heat but lately I've been feeling very lethargic and i spend whole afternoons sleeping which is not very pleasant esp when you get up feeling sticky with sweat and achy. Last week was bf birthday and we spent it at Le Caudan Waterfront, we had sushi for lunch:yummy salmon sashimi, cucumber maki and salmon and smoked marlin sushi. There was also a japanese beef salad and "croque monsieur" and a beef tortilla. It was very enjoyable and the bf also bought me a wooden dodo. It's so cute and smells good! I was looking for some souvenirs to bring along with me when I'll be missing the white beaches and blue sea. I got him some T shirts and a zippo lighter. Apparently owning a zippo lighter is the secret dream of every guy and I don't see the point when I ask him where the lighter is, and he replies "at home". *shrug* but well if it keeps him happy so let it be.

I've been feeling rather depressed lately and I wonder if it's not because of the incoming "time of the month". I'm bored as well and my workaholic nature is kicking in: I need to do something in order to be happy :/ I'm tired of packing up my stuffs and I just want to go empty handed and buy new stuffs there because there'll be more trendy stuffs in Canada and more appropriate for the weather. It's like I am living in between two worlds: I can't make any future plans now since I am not in Canada yet and I can't plan for things here now as I am leaving soon. It sucks big deal. Surfing sites like design sponge, tiny ass apartments, makes me want to own my own place so bad. I guess I'll have to e-mail some friends to get some "apartment 101" tips. I do want to be able to repaint my walls though and add shelves. Maybe to keep myself busy, it would not hurt to create a visual journal of "the apartment of my dreams" with furnitures pics, fabrics and colours combo etc.. who knows it could be of some use later on and I can collect paint chips :) Martha Stewart has also some yummy interior decor pictures *sigh* House of my dream, where are thou?

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