Sunday, March 14, 2010


My Macbook backlit keys won't light up whether I am in a dim room or pitch black. At least I know it's not some hardware related since by using lab tick, it's working. So now I have two useless keys: f5 and f6 that are supposed to control the back keys brightness. i ended assigning these keys as shortcuts in lab tick to control the brightness so as to have some peace of mind. Else I know this issue would have eaten me for days. I went through several mac forums and it helps to know that I am not alone. Maybe the light sensor is busted. *shrug* I can't recall if the backlit keys were working when I first had my Mac book pro. Oh well but it bugs me when things don't work perfectly whether i use it or not. Bah I can always hit the apple store later this month in Canada since there is none in Mauritius; only resellers and I don't trust them with my laptop.

Packing up is proving itself to be more tedious than expected. I am sad so say that I will have to leave most of my books if I want to bring my scrap supplies. At most I'll ask my brother to bring some for me or ask for excess luggage if this option is available. Sure I can rebuy all my books but this is currently not an option as I'll have to limit my expenses once in Canada until I get a job. There are so many things on my mind and sometimes I feel overwhelmed :/ I'm already surfing ikea and related sites for apartment related items and maybe I should slow down and just breathe. Les choses viendront d'elles même en temps et lieux.

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