Saturday, November 20, 2010

condo hunting

We went visiting condos today and unfortunately did not find one that suit all three of us. My cousin needs one with a locker as apparently the one in her current condo is full..which left me wondering. Me and my brother have stuffs too so she better gives us some space in the locker..the woes of sharing. I'm tired and started packing. I came to the conclusion that I have too many books..Selling is such a pain especially in a time where people are not buying :/

Just cleaned the bathroom and it made me realize how much chemicals we use. I am picky and most probably not the best room mate to have around if you're more relaxed. When I get nervous I can vacuum everyday and carpet floor make me more nervous. I hate carpet with passion esp since living in a house full of it and where people don't clean regularly. carpet should be the home owner worse nightmare: it collects stains, dust, mites, and is not water-cleaning friendly. Just to see the thick layer of dust in a room supposedly closed (hence less exposed to outside dust) makes me shiver. I wonder if it's not those home full of carpets and closed windows that result in so many Canadians suffering from allergies because they breathe in and out air full of fibers, dust mites, house hold cleaners chemicals etc.. as air does not circulate in houses where windows are rarely opened. In summer, the house is closed with air con and in winter for the heater :O

Gap also had sales today and the line up took the whole store. I'm returning two sweatshirts tomorrow as one is tight and the other the colour does not look good on me. My wardrobe has become monochrome..It's full of shades of gray and brown. I'm still an earth colour person but it seems I've become fond of gray lately *shrug*

More condos visit planned for the 4th December. Let's cross fingers we get something fast and move in by beginning of Jan!

condo hunting: It's a real pain in the ass...

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