Friday, November 5, 2010


More rain! In the end, I came to Montreal to go back with a carry on full of books! I went to the Salvation Army on Rue Notre Dame and wow, this salvation army store reduces the ones in Toronto to shame.It's huge. I managed to find a few french books from the 1937-literature books which my mother used to study in highschool- good enough to be altered. 5 books came to 5 dollars! So cheap considering that the store in Toronto charges 2.99 for hard covers whether its old or new. The store was full of other junk and they had dial phones but only in cream-no funky colours :/ I wanted to buy some webster encyclopaedias as well but could not carry them. Already my feet were hurting me when walking :/ Dr Martens with 14 eyelets: no good for long walks. I should have brought my reebok but reebok in winter :/

I want to go back to the Salvation Army again!

I also went to this cute store Le Presbeytere and bought a cute towel hanger, vintage look with porcelain at the end-perfect for a vintage looking bathroom. Really cute!!! and a dish towel. Expensive but so cutteee. The owner was how everything is imported from France. It's such a cute shop, makes me think of the times of Marcel Pagnol where they had washing bin and jugs in the bathroom. I also saw a lamp made from a milk tin pail but how to carry! That was in an antique shop. So cute...

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