Wednesday, November 10, 2010


The night sky in Mississauga is too full of planes- I choose to believe that they are stars...

the last dandelions of the season

Do you call that the winter blues? I miss Montreal-roaming in the streets without any destination in mind like a bohemian, feeling the crowd, tasting the different atmosphere. Mississauga is too sad, maybe that's why I try to spend as much time as I can outside although winter does not help. I need to feel the flow of the city, its heartbeat, the crowd. It makes me feel less lonely. If things work out, we are moving out in Feb. Let's cross fingers, I need change.

Being human is a weird thing, we are rarely satisfied with what we have, one funny example is how people I know from Montreal wants to move to Toronto, while some in Toronto like me, want to move to Montreal. If there was a city with the culture/history of Montreal but the money/modernity of Toronto it would have been perfect..Maybe Paris is the city for me :P An amalgam of the old and new "ou chaque rue nous reserve des surprises".

Winter is there..Each morning houses are "dusted" with snow and a few days ago, the frost killed a few plants. I can't wait for the first snow fall. Then I'll rush outside in my black coat and take pictures of snow flakes against the dark fabric hoping to see at least one whole flake.

snow on the roof

Snow brings back fond and sad memories: My first year on university residence at Annsley where I was gazing at the icicles on the naked tree outside my window. At one point, they shone like diamonds. There was a squirrel nest on the same tree inhabited by mama and papa squirrel. The sound my my boots crushing the snow in Queen Park as I went back to my apartment. The warmth of the yellow streetlight as snow fell and the quietness of the park. I miss that. I do hope we have a bad winter because I want snow. hah!

I've been feeling nostalgic and lonely lately. Call that winter blues and an overdose of watching old disney movies...I want to cuddle in a sofa with some warm coffee and watch snow fall outside. I also want to have a nice conversation with interesting people.

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