Thursday, November 18, 2010


I've been cruising craig list and kijii lately to look for furnitures. At worse I'll have to buy BN from ikea. My mattress will definitely be BN as there's no way I'm going to sleep on a used mattress esp with all those news about bed bugs etc. So my main priority is a twin bed frame and mattress. I'll see later for a desk. We'll start visiting condos this week-end and move out by 01/15/2010 due to my shifts. Let's cross fingers.

I'm bracing myself for tonight. I work up to 22:00 and I usually come home at 23:15. Now the smarty pants I am, traded my 14:00 shift with my colleague for 7am on Friday..which means I have to leave the house at 5:30 am...Oh C you're so SMART. I'll have barely 6 hours of sleep ...I did not realise that until I made the request. I usually prefer day shifts because you get more calls and time flies. I'm amongst those who need to keep doing stuffs in order to be happy..watching time goes by bores me. My aunt says it's up to me to find things to do but how much can you entertain yourself when it's a dead day? Yesterday was CRAZY and I was like yipiieeeee as usually it's slower during afternoon and night hours..For once I did not see time pass by. Let's hope it'll be the same today.

This week-end I'm listing all my books on kijii as shipping cost too much. If it's not selling by the time I move out, everything will go to the Salvation Army. I need to declutter as I won't have space to bring all my current and uni stuffs to the condo. I guess I;ll even have to sell for low prices..Better a few dollars than none..

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  1. Will you stay in Miss. or move closer to the centre?