Monday, November 29, 2010

the woes of moving

Moving is proving itself to be tedious and expensive :/ So far I am 70% done. Moving out made me realize how much junk I have and I'll spend the incoming week-end putting some order in my stuffs and this wednesday will be a tiring day for moving around things. I was planning to go to ikea and buy a vika desk for 59 cnd and two 2x2 expedit bookcases/39 each. In the end I am getting the expedit desk 70 cnd with one 2x2 case 39 cnd, and get an old book case from my aunt. I'll just have to repaint it. My desk will look like the one below in dark brown and with 4 cubes space:

I am going to paste a cavaledi (spelling?) vintage map on the desk, cover it with shellac to spice up the look of the desk. Ikeahack is definitely a great place to feel inspired as well as design sponge. I can't wait to get started on this project. I'll buy a chair and mattress later as it'll be too expensive to buy everything at once. I'll borrow my cousins futon to sleep on. Another idea stuck in my head is to make a patchwork wall paper next to my bed/on closet doors to give some colours as I can't repaint my room walls as the apartment has been recently renovated. No pets allowed as well..A pet makes such a difference in a home.

I love diy and wished I was more skilled with my hands and do carpentry/sewing/knitting. It looks like fun to be able to alter your furnitures or improve them. I also think so far the best home decor are scandivian or swedish/finnish, from what I have seen so far. Houses have a more personal touch than the american ones where you get mass produced furnitures or look alike styles.

The good side where I am moving is that there is an ethnic supermarket right across the street. Hopefully its prices will be as competitive as those in the Chinese stores which will avoid me to have to do a longer trip. I need my asian food as well!

Work is exhausting and I am becoming more self conscious and obsessive. I always used to think working in a contact centre was easy but now I realize it is not especially if you are on an ER line, and struggling to understand and be understood. Each time a caller does not understand me, I feel very self conscious as if something is wrong with my english or if I miss information it sucks even more. I know I pronounce some words differently and I am working on some issues but I'm always worried that I am not at the required level. The lack of feedback worries me as well. I think too much as a co worker pointed out and the key to surviving in this job is not to take things personally whether from colleagues or callers. I need to stop focusing on myself and ditched my insecurity.

It sucks to work shifts though. I do 2 week-end on four which is fair however I am losing track of time..It feels weird as I no longer know which day is which and doping myself on caffeine..Needless to say my skin is becoming worse esp now with winter.

I will survive, I have too since now I am renting :( i also failed at my fastfood ban..will need to be serious about it once I move out and the grocery store is within walking distance unlike here.

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